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Hard cheese that reveals a subtle, slightly nutty flavor that compliments dishes, such as pasta, salads and grilled vegetables.

Stella® Mediterranean Parmesan Half Wheel & Wedge

Stella® Mediterranean Parmesan cheese is enrobed with the delightfully earthy flavors of tomato, extra virgin olive oil and a bold blend of spices with divine results. This hard Italian-style cheese is naturally aged for 10 months. During this time, Parmesan’s buttery and nutty flavors are beautifully enhanced by the savory flavors of paprika, sesame seeds and garlic. Stella® Mediterranean Parmesan’s carefully curated panoply of classic Mediterranean flavors pairs perfectly with pasta dishes, especially when drizzled with a premium olive oil. It also makes a nice addition to steamed vegetables or salads when paired with a spicy red wine like Sangiovese.

Available in: 10 lb. half wheels, 8 oz. wedges

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Stella® Parmesan Cheese Deli Cup

Stella® Parmesan shredded cheese deli cup provides the great flavor of a fresh Parmesan in an easy and convenient cup. Use Stella® Parmesan cheese as a flavor enhancer, much like salt and pepper. Toss any pasta dish with shredded Stella® Parmesan cheese to add extraordinary flavor.

Available in: Freshly Grated 5 oz., Freshly Shredded 5 oz., Freshly Shaved 5 oz., Dried Grated 5 oz.

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Stella® Parmesan Cheese Wedge

One of the most popular of all Italian-style cheeses, Parmesan reveals a subtle, slightly nutty flavor that complements most any dish. Over ten months aging gives Stella® Parmesan cheese its distinctive flavor. Use a vegetable peeler to shave Stella® Parmesan cheese directly over salads.

Available in: 5 oz., 8 oz.

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Did You Know?

When you sprinkle parmesan on your pizza or pasta, you're having a royal experience. Parmesan is known as the King of Italian cheeses.

Pairing Suggestions

Use a vegetable peeler to shave paper thin slices over mesclun salad greens or mix with olive oil and hot pepper flakes as spread for bread. Best with: Chianti or Cabernet Sauvignon.
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