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Mild, mellow and aged. Slightly sweeter, smoother and nuttier than Parmesan, Asiago’s flavor ranges from mild to robust depending on age. Sprinkle on pasta or an entrée salad to enhance the appeal and give a zesty flavor.

Stella® Asiago Cheese Deli Cup

Stella® Asiago Cheese Shredded Deli cup makes it easier for you to sprinkle Asiago on your favorite salad or pasta. Add Shredded Asiago to garlic bread, broil until melted.

Available in: Shredded 5 oz., Shaved 5 oz.

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Stella® Asiago Cheese Wedge

This cheese has a slightly sweeter, smoother and nuttier taste than Parmesan. Stella® Asiago cheese wedge comes in three different varieties: Mild - fresh butter flavor Mellow – a rich, nutty flavor Aged – Sharp, robust flavor. With the Stella® Asiago cheese wedge you can cube and serve with crackers or shave onto your favorite greens or pasta.

Available in: Aged 8 oz., Fresh 8 oz.

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Stella® Rosemary Medium Asiago Half Wheel & Wedge

Stella® Rosemary Medium Asiago is carefully hand-rubbed with extra virgin olive oil and rosemary, infusing the memorably sweet and savory flavors of aged Asiago with a robustly herby aroma and flavor. Asiago is, by nature, slightly sweeter and nuttier than Parmesan. The combination of this cheese’s picturesque rosemary cloak and its closely monitored six-month aging period allow these appealing flavors to develop even more fully. The result is a premium specialty cheese that is perfect atop pastas, salads and potatoes, especially when served with full-flavored Merlots.

Available in: 10 lb. half wheels, 8 oz. wedges

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Did You Know?

Asiago cheese was first developed in a village in northern Italy called Asiago. 

Pairing Suggestions

Stir into minestrone soup or sprinkle over pasta with tomato-basil sauce. Best served with an imported ale, a light malty ale, a microbrew wheat ale or a light lager.
Sprinkle over potatoes au gratin and broil briefly to melt. Best with: Merlot or Bordeaux.
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