Our Heritage

Quality Since 1923.
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Stella® cheeses are flavorful and combine old world craftsmanship with rich dairy heritage, dating back to 1923. They stretch to the past and infuse the present’s meals with a hint of romantic flavor. We know how to mix our tradition of quality and craftsmanship with modern recipes using Stella® cheeses. We also know how to make your life easier, by offering you pre-shredded and crumbled cheeses that infuse any meal with style and substance.

Stella® Cheese. This is how cheese should taste. 

Did You Know?

Kasseri is a tasty and versatile Greek cheese that can be used in much the same way as mozzarella. It can be grated or sprinkled on pizza. This means Kasseri should be a favorite of most Americans, considering mozzarella has reportedly overtaken Cheddar as America’s favorite cheese!