Our Heritage

Quality Since 1923.
Modern Convenience Today.

Stella® cheeses are flavorful and combine old world craftsmanship with rich dairy heritage, dating back to 1923. They stretch to the past and infuse the present’s meals with a hint of romantic flavor. We know how to mix our tradition of quality and craftsmanship with modern recipes using Stella® cheeses. We also know how to make your life easier, by offering you pre-shredded and crumbled cheeses that infuse any meal with style and substance.

Stella® Cheese. This is how cheese should taste. 

Did You Know?

Cheese lovers have snacked on Romano for about 2,000 years. Legend has it that a shepherd in ancient Rome filled his flask with milk. The milk was jostled along his journey and at the end, he discovered coagulation (the separation of milk into solids) by accident! Good thing some accidents are so tasty.