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Stella® Ricotta Cheese

Stella® Ricotta Cheese features a delightful dichotomy of flavors: it’s rich but light with a mild, slightly sweet essence that shines when served simply over toasted bread.

Ricotta cheese was originally produced to make full use of all of the proteins in the milk that was used in the production of cheeses like Mozzarella. To strip the remaining proteins, the leftover whey was “re-cooked” (“ricotta” in Italian) resulting in a soft, creamy texture that is slightly grainy.

Ricotta cheese is perhaps best known for its use in lasagna and cannolis, but it also works beautifully in lemony cheesecakes. And since it’s so high in calcium, it is perfect for snacking atop bruschetta sprinkled with toasted hazelnut pieces.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Makes a light but richly flavored cheesecake
  • Stuff into cannoli, manicotti and ravioli
  • Mix with cinnamon and sugar and beat till smooth for dessert
  • Use as a substitute for mayonnaise in egg or tuna salad
  • Can be used to thicken sauces
Ricotta Cheese

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