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The Stella® brand includes a broad selection of fine artisan cheeses crafted with a rich heritage of Italian cheesemaking, dating back to 1923. 
As the story goes, Count Bolognesi, an Italian diplomat, was enamored with Wisconsin’s rolling pastures, clear waters, and pure milk. To bring a little bit of his homeland to this beautiful new countryside he loved, Bolognese began making authentic Parmesan cheese on a small farm on Lake Nebagamon in northern Wisconsin in 1923, hiring a master cheesemaker from Italy. The cheese was packaged under the Red Star label, a symbol that would stand for quality, and the Stella® brand was born. The cheese caught the fancy of the locals, and over the years, continued to grow in popularity. 
The ownership and where it’s produced has changed over the years, but the cheesemakers along the way have followed the principles of the brand’s founders by paying close attention to the details.

Love to cook?

We know how to mix our tradition of quality and craftsmanship with modern convenience too. From our two- and three-cheese blends to our crumbled offerings, and from our shredded cheeses to our grated products, the full range of Stella® cheeses will take your next meal from good to gourmet.