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STELLA Mozzarella Cheese

Stella® Mozzarella Cheese

Pizza fans rejoice: Stella® Mozzarella Cheese is here to save the day! This classic pizza topper has a soft texture that is specially designed to melt well, making it perfect for pasta and Panini too.

The Stella® represents generations of cheesemaking excellence. Stella® Mozzarella Cheese is carefully crafted to feature a pale ivory color and a delicate, creamy dairy flavor. Its characteristically smooth “stretch” is ideal in sandwiches and when melted, its stringy, smooth texture comes to life.

Serve Stella® Mozzarella with tomatoes, basil and olive oil over toasted bread or toss into quesadillas, casseroles and soups.

Servings Suggestions:

  • Great sprinkled on homemade pizza
  • Perfect in pasta dishes, especially lasagna
  • Serve with sliced tomatoes and basil

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